Fleeing Thoughts

by Sebedeus

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released April 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Sebedeus Bristol, UK

Bedroom full of keyboards and these days I do everything on a bloody laptop... thats progress!

Nothing is written - just remembered.

Occasional keyboards with the very occasional band
Senior Cerberus
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Track Name: Davos 101
Davos 101

(I have just five words for you... From my cold dead hands!) - Charlton Heston

You talk about the future
when a future's in short supply
you've frittered away our credit
Just waiting for the world to die.
While skiing on melting mountains
or lounging round your swimming pools
expect us to stay dumb and silenced
the plebs, the stupid ignorant fools.

Well we have no future
while it remains in your hands
we have to take the power
away from your greedy hands
yeah we wrench the power
from your cold dead hands
yeah we save the future
from your wasted hands.
Track Name: In My Dreams I Am Lost
Track Name: Winter Depths
Track Name: This Rheum
This Rheum

Trapped in a room
with noone to talk to
and nothing to do but wait
I curse the future
I curse the passed
I curse my fate
don't know what brought me here
it's a place I never meant to be
it gets so hard to catch my breath
I have no light to see
this room sucks at my essence
this room drains my soul
this room asks a lot of me
this room takes it's toll
I hate every inch of it
but fear to have it taken away
although it costs me everything
it's a price I have to pay
this room is a part of me
I live within it's walls
I am it it is me
I have no other roles
it encircles my soul
Track Name: Anxiety Blip
Anxiety Blip

I exist therefore I am?
breathe it in...
still the worry
sorry, can't make connection at the moment
let the feeling infuse
defuse the inner bomb
confuse the song with the singer
what's been brought with the bringer
what you want with what you need
a charitable act with your greed.

Turn the dial
tune it out
it's a trial
please don't shout
trying to communicate
bring it into focus
but it stays blurred
searching for clarity
but all the words are slurred
and as you turn the corner
reality comes into view
you thought you could dream forever
well... more fool you!
Track Name: Influence

Do you feel it
does it touch you
the things you see the TV screen
do they find their way into your dreams?

Have you become numb
your outrage left you dumb
the horror you feel left you speechless
and do you find momentary solace
in the knowledge that you are an interested observer?

But are you sure that you don't feel it
it doesn't touch you
the things you see
find their way into your dreams
leave you depleted
less than you were
the vampires of experience sap you
zap you
leaves you vunerable and alone
awaiting the next bite.
Track Name: Tin

Dark and overgrown
towers of solitude
brooding shadows of the industrial age
crumbling away
broadcasting anger
broadcasting disbelief
where did all the time go?
When destination grows closer than the point of departure
but the journey
the journey remains unknown
dark and overgrown
until little remains
but towers of solitude
giving the finger to what comes.
Track Name: Changling

I've journeyed so far
followed shooting star
variable in it's inclination.
I'm eroded by the passage of time.

When you get back home
you are unknown
not recognised by you nearest
and dearest.

Turn the page - close the book
things change - take a look,
see through your new eyes, changling.

Turn a new leaf - nothing beneath
look inside - nowhere to hide,
you are a hollow shell, changling.
Track Name: Life Cloth
Life Cloth

The demons come and take your life
piece by tiny little piece
it's the price you pay
when you've lived too long
the cloth of life
gets torn to shreds
the warp and the weft
gets weaker towards the end of the weave
the newer threads get worn out first
piece by tiny little piece
you lose the now
retreat to the then
piece by tiny little piece
it's harder for us
harder than for you
to lose you
piece by tiny little piece
all I hope in my selfish little way
is you are gone
before there's nothing left to lose
that you can find
the centre of the storm
find the calm at your passing
and find a little peace.

For my mum.
Track Name: Everyone has a file
It's complicated
Track Name: Metropolis Maria
"You fool - Now you will lose all that is left of Hel... your son.
Track Name: Mortis

All things change
The slow morphosis
from constituent parts,
entropy and decay.
Wheels and cogs within the cycle,
prayer wheel revolutions spinning the thread,
all turn to the rhythm of the centrifuge.
The searching beacon of revolving light
messages sent across the realm of emptiness.
Mirrors and candles hold nature's bite at bay,
her mouth always open
showing salt-stained teeth
harsh mistress
black widow hidihg deadly fangs.
Awaiting with coldknife embrace her spouse.
Track Name: Jendevere

The shamen of the running sore
erupts with laughter dredged from pain
Too many nights
putting the world to rights
then finding in the morning
it's all fouled up again.

Then Lesley the Virgin Queen
takes Hawknose to one side
and explains to him the truth of it
she knows he always lies
the pacifist in full dress uniform
enters as the party reaches it's peak
frees the hostages of life and limb
takes the hand of Jeremy the Freak.

Panda and Shadowjester take over
eyes covering the bar
they feel the atmosphere turn bad
collecting tips in a pickling jar
the priests and the magicians
take the plaudits, take the bows
increase the heat and change the tempo
sacrificing every sacred cow.

By the light of the darkened moon
with the tide turning as we sleep
we drown in a maze of pathways lost
drift silently in the deep.

As the resurrected demons
orbit the dying sun
we turn inward to escape our fate
but the conclusion has begun
then at the curtain's closing
we berate the director's lack of sight
then submerge within our shells again
wearied of the fight
Track Name: End of the Day
End of the Day

Flooding the senses
the waste of hours
when everything seems to turn to stone
wreak havoc on my sleepless soul
all efforts belittled
all resolve undone
thrown back into confusion and decay
fading away into unending twilight
an eternity of restless unease
I feel my doon growing
finding shape
pressing upon myrestless eyes
and turning in wearied frustration
I'm caught within coils and loops of words
that revolve and turn inward
I am caught by Morpheus
on the border between wakefulness and sleep
breathing in air that cannot satisfy my need
until I just want conclusion
a full stop
the static entropy of decay
at the end
I just want the end of the day.