Here In Body (No Quality Control)

by Sebedeus

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released June 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Sebedeus Bristol, UK

Bedroom full of keyboards and these days I do everything on a bloody laptop... thats progress!

Nothing is written - just remembered.

Occasional keyboards with the very occasional band
Senior Cerberus
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Track Name: yoU Know It's Poison
yoU Know It's Poison

Sprawling spiraling words
Self-cancelling arguments that wound and hurt
noone understands the speech they hear
and the empty words; swirl obscuring the view
we're meant to choose a pathway
when the futures are too few
though we dream of a better world
our reality is a world of pain
struggling for a better life
we break under the strain
so turning to our darker side
in the belief we'll get ahead
we become callous and uncaring
our better instincts left for dead
and so the world grows ever darker
and our fear level steadily grows
scared that it'll all been taken away
this fucked up life we know
leaving us defenceless
with nothing to our name
so we sign up to the status quo
and find someone else to blame
the others, the foreign, the strange
the bastard beating at the door
screaming and begging
"please sir, I want more"
a request we are forced to deny
in case it leaves our slice of the pie
too small to meet our growing needs
like locusts we swarm and feed
leaving nothing for the future to harvest.

Fit the harness.
Put on the blinkers.
And plough the barren field.
Track Name: Citizen Pompeii
Citizen Pompeii

Fading away
draining to nothing
losing myself in the darkness
a noise I can't control
the numbness closes in
syphons my life into the void
blinding me to options
moulding every direction a dead-end
progression is stymied
frozen mid-step
I become static immobile
buried in ash
an imprint void
everything rotted within
time, tide and consciousness
leaves me mould.
Track Name: Je Suis Numb
Je Suis Numb

My information web is twitching
pulsing with the obscenity of life
pumping the filth from outside in
full of vitriol and madness, hate and strife
and I, paralysed by incomprehension
feel it accumulate in my veins
sets my pulse racing with fear and doubt
takes a poleaxe to my brains
trying to dredge a channel
through the madness that blocks my path
the ice-breaker is crushed in the ice-floe
my skull severed in two halves
one side wants to run and hide
the other to savour the gore
and somewhere in the middling void
is the person I am no more
petitioning for an audience
at the court of a long dead king
screaming at the agony
but in truth
not feeling
a thing.
Track Name: On Turning to Rhyador
On turning to Rhyador

and on turning to Rhyador
I felt the chill of the age
fill my veins
all the blind reptilian evil
lanced my heart
on turning to Rhyador
I was reaquainted with what it is
what it is to be human
fading into the blood-red cave
I surrendered my being once more
Track Name: Ukinc
Pride in the past
fear for the future
little nation
punching above it's weight
now stumbling, mumbling
quoting film-lines from Marlon
living in a landscaped heritage
seen through the eyes of Walt
domiciled in malls
at the edge of town
buying dreams
in and effort
to make a life
turning and twisting
in the never-never
waiting for the bubble to burst.